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Content Development for Sales & Growth

We all aspire to be heard and understood - especially CEOs of small and medium size enterprises who are growing  a team of sales professionals. When your customers and prospects receive content that solves problems, speaks to their needs, and doesn't overwhelm - then your business will grow.


You and your team can achieve your marketing and communications goals, faster. Great content and copy make the difference. 

I work with businesses and organizations that have an existing product and audience and are increasing revenue. If you have a sales team of 1-10 people who need content support, they can tap into editorial expertise to improve their emails and understand when to send key pieces of content.  

 You can pick done-for-you copywriting services or top-notch editing of the content you already have. Here are some examples:

  • Long-cycle sales. Copy for every step of your sales cycle, including emails, spec sheets, product sheets and long-form lead generation blog posts.

  • Grant writing and development, especially for start-ups, R&D, and community economic development

  • High-ticket consumer product sales. 

  • Long form blog posts, optimized for SEO.

  • LinkedIn posts positioned for your followers.

  • PowerPoint and presentation scripts for 20-60 minute presentations.

  • Magazine-style product brochures and catalogues

  • Web content that grabs attention


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